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How Does an Ear Piercing Gun Work?

Ear Piercing Gun is popular and simple item for earlobes piercing. Simply put, a piercing gun is shaped like a handgun or nail gun, it uses a spring action to push a sharp-pointed earring through the earlobe when the piercer pulls a trigger. Ear piercing guns are typically can be loaded with piercing studs which made of surgical steel or some other hypoallergenic metal. Our ear piercing guns are made from metals and sold in packet, it's a type of modern reusable hand clasp model and especially to be used at home.
How Does an Ear Piercing Gun Work? Let's see below instructions:
Step 1. This is an Ear Piercing Gun with 98 pcs Studs, if you have not yet, please click here to buy >>

Step 2. To prepare a pair of pincers and put the Ear Piercing Gun, Piercing Studs, Marker Pen on a clean place.

Step 3. To use marker pen make a mark on ear where you want to pierce.

Step 4. To pull back the tension regulator.

Step 5. To use the pincers clamp stud into earring adapter.

Step 6. To make sure the point of the stud is straight going to the aiming slot.

Step 7. To hold piercing gun, aiming the piercing mark.

Step 8. To press fire, forcing the stud through the flesh.

Step 9. Wow! Look, the earring studs was pierced through ear already! Pretty beauty!

Thanks for reading and Best Regards
8Seasons Team

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