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925 Stamped Sterling Silver Imitation

These 925 Sterling Silver Imitations have hallmarked “925” as the genuine 925 silver items, but the silver purity is not as high as the solid sterling silver. Our 925 imitations are made of copper plated with a layer of silver. The quality of these silver imitations is determined by the thickness of the silver coating. We classified our 925 silver imitations into three grades just based on their silver plating.

  1. Grade A: 925 Stamped--White Copper Plated with Heavy Real Sterling Silver
  2. Grade B: 925 Stamped--White Copper Plated with Thin Silver
  3. Grade C: 925 Stamped--Copper Plated with Thin Silver

Why we offered 925 sterling silver imitations?
We are always offering solid genuine sterling silver items, but some of our customers told us that, their customers (also the end consumers) do not wish to spend a lot money on solid stering silver, but they also like the 925 stamped silver items at inexpensive price. Based on this marketing requirement, so we cooperated with our factory developed these 925 Silver imitations.

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