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From July 1st 2021, due to the adjustment of EU new VAT rules on cross-border business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce activities, the order shipping process of EU countries will also be adjusted accordingly as follows: view more >>

1. For orders less than 150 Euros:

Option A: If you fill in the EU VAT code when placing an order, it means that you will clear the customs by yourself, then no additional operations will be required, just place the order normally.

Option B: If you don’t have VAT code or without filling VAT code, we will collect the tax from you then pay in our side. In this case, you can receive the package without customs clearance.

This change will lead to an increase on your costs, so we will also provide some subsidies. :)

2. For orders greater than/equal to 150 Euros:

Please fill in the VAT number when placing the order to pay customs duties. If not, you would clear the customs by yourself when the package arrives at the destination customs.

For customers from France, VAT number is required.

Please feel free to contact the 8seasons team for any questions

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Semi-Annual Big Sale


Christmas Beads & Findings-Christmas is the happiest and excited season for many people. When the Christmas season approaches, you will need some Christmas findings to make Christmas jewelry. What is your impressive event in the Christmas day? Maybe this word reminds you of the Father Christmas, decorating the Christmas tree, exchanging presents, the family dinner. Now our Christmas finding, the resources of making Christmas jewelry, give you so many opportunities to spend a unique Christmas holiday. Use the Christmas trees, snowflakes, Christmas stockings to design an interesting and one-of-a-kind jewelry. You can adorn yourself showing your Christmas spirit or make as a gift for your parents, teachers, friends or colleagues. It will be fun to wear your own style jewelry in the Christmas holiday.

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