Kind Notice: Dear 8seasons club members , we have updated our 8seasons club policy. But please do not worry, if you joined our club before March 29, 2017, you can still enjoy your membership privileges for full year. And hope you will rejoin the current club when your former club expires J. If any questions, please feel free to email us: .

* We charge US$ 2.49 per Kilogram for warehouse handling and packing.

For example, for a parcel of 4.3kg , the handling fee will be US$ 2.49 * 5 = 12.45USD.

Take US$ 1000 shipping fee/year for example, Well then, you total could save as below:

Membership Club Fee Exclusive Coupons Handling Fee Total Saving
Full-Year US $259 US $100 2.49USD/KG Est. US $491
Half-Year US $169 US $50 2.49USD/KG Est. US $206
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  • ExclusiveSaving Coupons

  • FreeProduct Sample

  • ProfessionalEnquiry and Sourcing

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