Kind Notice: Dear customers, 8seasons club policy will be updated soon. If you prefer current 8seasons club policy, you’d better seize the time to join our club before March 29th , 2017. For our active club members who join current club before March 29th , 2017 can still enjoy their membership privileges for full year . If any questions, please feel free to email us:

Membership Only US$ 299/year

  • *  We charge US$ 2.49 per Kilogram for warehouse handling and packing.
  • *  For example, for a parcel of 4.3kg , the handling fee will be US$ 2.49 * 5 = 12.45USD.
Well then, you can totally $ave like this way:
Membership Shipping Fee Exclusive Coupon
(for the membership)
Actually Spent
Before US$ 1000/year none US$ 1000
After US$ 299/year total US$ 200 Only US$ 99

Q1: Is there any Terms and Conditions for club members?
Q2: Are all the items on applicable for free express delivery for Club members?
Q3: Which shipping methods are applicable for the free express delivery?
Q4: What address is applicable for the free express delivery?
Q5: Which kind of shipping method you will use for out of stock items?
Q6: I really like your free express delivery service, but I couldn't find some items I need on your website, what can I do?
Q7: Can I cancel my Club membership?
Q8: What's the deadline for 8Seasons Club Membership?
Q9: Is there any other restrictions for 8Seasons Club?