Letters Ranking Guide & Its Wide Variety of Uses


Dear customers,

We now offer the complete set of 26 alphabet letter beads in different materials and styles. Each letter of the alphabet is available in sterling silver, silver tone, acrylic and enamel versions for your selection.

Alphabet letter beads are becoming more and more popular among jewelery makers. They have been proven successful for ourselves and many of our clients, so we would like to give you a bit more information on them to allow you to take advantage of this growing trend.


Letter Ranking Guide

Among the 26 letters available, some are very popular, but some are not. If you aren't sure which letters to buy you can refer to the following chart to help you make decision.
We have compiled a sales report which ranks the 26 letters from highest to lowest sellers:

  • this means you can now decide which letters to stock in which proportions to ensure you don't run out of stock in some letters while keeping unneeded stocks of other letters. This also ensures you don't outlay cash on letters that aren't popular and will only end up as excess stock.
  • Referring to this chart in both your personal use and potential sales use will ensure you always have the letters on hand to make that last minute present you forgot about or keep you one step ahead of the competition!
the 26 letter beads' Sales Ranking
from Highest to Lowest
A (most popular)
S (most popular)
E (most popular)
M (most popular)
C (most popular)
N (most popular)
the 26 letter beads' Sales Ranking
from Highest to Lowest

Wide Variety of Uses

  1. You can use the letters to spell out your favourite word, your name, or even current trends like "Team Edward" or "GRIFFINDOR RULES". Whatever you think may sell!
    ** You could even use them to advertise a location as a tourist sales item, eg: "SPACE NEEDLE" or "LONDON BRIDGE" or wherever suits!
  2. The use of these letter beads is also popular in making occasion specific jewelry like for Mum's Day, Valentines. "I LOVE YOU" or "MY DARLING"
    ** You might just want to stock the letters and findings (strings, clips, etc) and allow people to buy the letters that suit them! Potential profits on this are huge!
  3. They are PERFECT for gifts! Especially coming up to Christmas, can you imagine giving all your family a bracelet or keyring each, individually made for them!
    ** If you ARE selling them the best thing is you can trial different words as the letters are fully reusable. If the item doesn't sell, reuse the beads - no waste!
Hope this is helpful. If you have any advice about this article, please kindly let me know.

Thank you so much for reading & Best wishes
On Behalf of 8Seasons Team

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