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What is Product's volume Weight?


In most cases, shipping fee depends on the shipping weight only, and is not related to its volume.

For DHL, UPS, Fedex, they also consider parcel's volume when charging shipping fee. Take Item B71814 for example.
It weights 0.26KG, and has a volume of 7020cm³
26cm (Length)*15cm (Width)*18cm (Height) =7020cm³. The shipping company will charge shipping fee by volume. That's to say, they will charge shipping fee of 1.40kg for this parcel instead of 0.26kg.

Here is the detail of their calculation method for reference:
Using Volume 7020cm³ divide 5000

Volumetric Weight: 7020/5000=1.40kg(the result 1.40kg is the shipping weight they will charge)

Note: if the result is less than actual shipping weight, shipping company will charge the heavier ones (actual shipping weight). In one word, there are two kinds of weight for one parcel. One is actual weight, and the other is volumetric weight. After comparison with the two weight, shipping company will charge by the heavier one. When parcel's volume is big, normally the volume weight will be heavier. So they will charge by volumetric weight.

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