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8Seasons is dedicated to preserving our environment for future generation and guarantee people's health. To achieve this goal we are working proactively with our customers and cooperative factories to avoid hazardous material in our products. Since large portion of jewelry making products are made of metal, the issue of harmful metal components brings an extremely large amount of concern.

For your reference, the Nickel & Lead test report of our product is shown here! Click to view large picture.

Nickel Test Report Nickel Test Report Nickel Test Report Nickel Test Report

Nickel safe reportAll our products are Nickel-Safe!

Dear Friends,

As a reliable and responsible beading supplier, we strive to do our best to provide good quality, safe materials to our customers so that our customers can use our products safely and confidently. All of our metal products are made of 100% Nickel-Safe.

Kindly note: Sometimes, manufacturers will add excessive nickel as a way to make their products looks more beautiful and shiny. Inexperienced customers can be easily deceived by the attractive appearance.

So if you find some extremely brilliant jewelry making products sold at unbelievable cheap price which is much lower than the average market value, please pay special attention. Based on our many years experience in jewelry business, products plated with excessive nickel are not rare.

To Sum Up:

  1. Our products are guaranteed to be nickel safe, they're safe to wear, and you can always feel confident to shop with us
  2. Some sellers are providing unsafe nickel plating products to make more profits, because the nickel-plating beads are more beautiful. BUT nickel is harmful to our health. We strongly recommend you only deal with reliable suppliers who disclose what metals they use and whether in security rang in the manufacture of their products. As always, your health and safety is our primary concern.

Lead Safe ReportAll our products are Lead-Safe!

Dear Friend,

Sometimes you may get confused why our products not look as beautiful and shiny as our competitors? Here we will told you why and I believe after reading our explanation you can get a much deep understanding of the principles of our company and be more confident in our products and services.

The present situation of jewelry making supplies in Alloy metal

Referring to the metal products in the jewelry manufacture, there are two metals widely used, Zinc Alloy and Lead Alloy. Zinc Alloy is an environmental and healthy metal alloy while Lead Alloy is hazardous. Only looking the appearance, we can hardly distinguish these two kinds of alloy for they are too similar.

On our site, you can find all of our Alloy items listed are Zinc Alloys which are Lead Safe. This means our Zinc Alloy products are healthy to wear, while sometimes may not be so shiny compared with others which may contains excessive lead.

Though, as I mentioned above, Lead Alloy and Zinc Alloy are hard to distinguish only from their appearance, there are still some easy ways to identify. The following passage will guide you to distinguish these two kinds of Alloy.

How to different Lead Alloy from Zinc Alloy

Differ from surface: lead is a metal has relatively soft texture than zinc, that is to say lead can be molded more convenient and faster than zinc, and it can be used to form more intricate shapes, smooth and beautiful products than zinc metal. (Below is a picture for your reference)

("1" is Lead Alloy: shiny, smooth; "2" is Zinc Alloy: dull, unsmooth)
Lead products lead safe product
Lead Alloy Zinc Alloy

Differ from casting:There are two crafts in casting manufacturing which are die casting and casting. In the casting manufacturing field, the casting is used wider than the die casting, and the Lead Alloy seems more light and shiny after casting than Zinc Alloy, while Zinc Alloy only in die casting way can it looks smooth and light.

Differ from prices and health effects:Lead Alloy products are cheaper than Zinc Alloy ones in the jewelry market, however, Lead Alloy is toxic and jewelries containing lead may result in very serious health effects to wearers. But jewelries manufactured with zinc are safe to wear.

To sum up:

  1. If you find and have bought the more beautiful and exquisite products in a cheap price, undoubtedly, they are Lead Alloy items which weigh more and harm to your health if you wear they for a long-time.
  2. We work very hard to make sure the products we sell are all Lead Safe, so you don't have to worry and just feel confidently to buy from our items! As we are always a reliable and responsible leading online wholesale supplier, we make every effort to provide good quality, safe material to our customers so that customers can use our products safely and confidently, and we warmly hope to build the long-term and friendly business relationship with dear you.

If you have any question about our products or services, please feel free to contact us via email at, we are pleased to assist!

May you have a happy shopping experience!

Best wishes to you and yours
8seasons Team

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