We Promise to Offer Products of High Quality

Compared with other suppliers, we are so proud to promise that we could offer you high quality products though our price may not be the lowest. Having a high-efficiency team, and more stringent quality control procedures, we're very confident in offering you the highest quality products in this field.

Usually, when we get the product directly from 8Years manufacture, defective rate might reach 20%; while after our strict QC practice, defective rate can be controlled at less than 1%.

Strong sense of responsibility

ALICE - QC Manager

Hello, my dear friends, I'm Alice, the manager of the QC department of 8Years and also 8Seasons. Currently, our quality inspection team has more than 70 employees. Unlike the majority of beads and jewelry making suppliers, we place great importance to product quality; even most of them are tiny and hard to distinguish from each other. I bear it deep in mind that 'A qualified QC team is the basis of quality assurance', thus to make sure every piece of product which is going to be delivered to our customers is of good quality, we had been and will always spare no effort.


A view of our quality control team

They're a young, energetic and conscientious team, loving the small tiny beads and charms, and some of them are just like you, full of enthusiasm in jewelry making. Their motto is "Offering the best possible value for each dollar you spend here."

How we inspect products

1) wood buttons
When you see the photo, I guess no more words are needed to express the difference. When you receive the beautiful wood buttons from 8Years, you may have an idea why every piece looks beautiful and are always flawless.
2) Lampwork Beads
3) Seed Beads

How we deal with the defective products

Through such strict quality inspection process, you can imagine how many defective products can be selected out. For the flaw products which won't affect the formal use, we'll sell them at extremely low price. And the other two kinds of defective products come here in these two big boxes. Scrap will be discarded; Return will be sent back to the factory.

Having seen the photos, most of you, I guess, will have a better understanding for our QC. We advocate doing Business in an honest way and resolutely oppose giving short weight. It is YOU who help us keep on producing and providing the best quality products, which is always our promise and pursuit.

For any other Quality Problem, Please feel free to contact us at: service@8seasons.com