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Cheap! New Shipping Method to The US Is Recommended - Economic air mail

Good news! Recently, 8seasons has added a new shipping method for orders to the USA - Economic air mail. More than 80% of the packages shipped by this method can reach customers in about 30 days, and the logistics information can be tracked throughout.

The most important thing is that the shipping cost is very cost-effective, for example, for a 5kg parcel, compared with YW line airmail registered and Pos airmail, this method can save 60% to 70% of the shipping cost. If the weight of the package is less than 10kg, it’s the least expensive shipping method.

If your parcel is not too urgent, we recommend you to use this shipping method, which can save you a lot of shipping cost.

--- 8seasons Team

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Wood Buttons

Wholesale Wood Buttons - They have been very wide used as ecological awareness has increased over the past years. Wood Buttons are often made from ebony, bamboo, oak, walnut and pine. Wood Buttons are noted for a rustic feel but it is astonishing to see how many different types of texture can be realized.

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Wood Sewing Button Scrapbooking Dog's Paw At Random 2 Holes 14mm( 4/8") x 16mm( 5/8"), 1000 PCs

AUD 17.92~AUD 26.35
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
AUD 26.35
AUD 20.82
AUD 17.92
Part No.: B27321H

Wood Sewing Button Scrapbooking Heart At Random Dot Pattern 2 Holes 18mm( 6/8") x 16mm( 5/8"), 200 PCs

AUD 5.82~AUD 8.96
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
AUD 8.96
AUD 7.25
AUD 6.27
AUD 5.82
Part No.: B49306

Wood Sewing Buttons Scrapbooking 2 Holes Heart White Christmas Snowflake Pattern 3.5cm(1 3/8") x 3.3cm(1 2/8"), 50 PCs

AUD 2.91~AUD 4.47
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
AUD 4.47
AUD 3.62
AUD 3.13
AUD 2.91
Part No.: B45837
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