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Wholesale Eyelets - A shaped metal embellishment containing a hole, used in scrapbook. Eyelets are typically set by punching a hole in the page, placing the smooth side of the eyelet on a table, positioning the paper over protruding edge and curling the edge down using a hammer and eyelet setter.
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Copper Shoe Shoelace Eyelets Silver Tone 8mm x 3mm(3/8"x1/8") 8mm(3/8") Dia, 500 Sets

MXN 27.09~MXN 41.68
MXN 21.04
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
MXN 41.68
MXN 21.04
MXN 33.76
MXN 21.04
MXN 29.18
MXN 21.04
MXN 27.09
MXN 21.04
Part No.: B19630
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