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Good News! The Shipping Fee of UPS Is Reduced!

If your package is destined for the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and some other European countries, the shipping fee of UPS is not only cheaper than before, but it is also more cost effective compared to FedEx and DHL.

For example, a 7.9kg parcel to the USA will now cost you $71.89 via UPS compared to $92.1 via FedEx, a saving of approximately 22% on shipping costs.

Place order now, save shipping fee instantly!

--- 8seasons Team

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  • The shared person accepts the sharing and registers for 8seasons, then immediately enjoys the same VIP level and rights as the sharer: enjoy the same VIP level product discount and other benefits. Valid for 1 year.

  • After the shared person has successfully registered, both the sharer and the shared person can get a share reward: a coupon of 4 USD off 9.9 USD.

  • Please contact us for any questions.

  • Note: The person being shared cannot be the sharer himself or the person whose delivery information and payment information are highly overlapping. Once found, the reward will be cancelled.

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