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Great News: New Lower Price Range Added!

In order to provide more favorable prices for wholesale customers, we have added a lower price range for Stainless Steel Products and Gold Plated Jewelry Accessories, that is, you can enjoy this lower price as long as you purchase 50 units. For customers with large demand, this will help you save more.

-- 8Seasons Team

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Shipping Savings

Tips of saving shipping cost

Under the influence of the global epidemic and some other force majeure factors, international logistics freight often fluctuates, and the overall trend is on the rise. This is no small challenge for 8seasons and our customers. In order to help customers save shipping costs, hereby provide some suggestions for your reference:

1. Due to our long-term cooperative relationship with logistics providers such as Fedex, we can provide customers with almost the lowest freight rates in the same industry in most weight ranges. For example, for the Fedex method, 8seasons has obvious price advantages for packages with a weight heavier than 10kg sent to the United States and packages with a weight heavier than 21kg sent to Europe.

Therefore, we suggest that you can buy more at a time, so that the average shipping cost per kilogram will be lower, and you can also share the bill with your friends to save more shipping costs.

CountryShipping MethodPackage Weight<5kg(ex.1kg)5kg<Package Weight<21kg(ex.10kg)Package Weight>21kg(ex.30kg)
United States Fedex $24.00/kg $9.31/kg $6.72/kg
UPS $30.31/kg $9.67/kg $6.97/kg
European Region Fedex $17.79/kg $9.25/kg $6.57/kg
UPS $26.17/kg $12.12/kg $7.59/kg

Ps: Since the shipping fee often fluctuates, this data is for reference only.

2. Since the express method is based on 500g as a unit of measurement, it is recommended that you control the weight of the package to 0.49, 1.49, 0.99, 1.99kg...because express charges the same fee for 1.01kg and 1.49kg. If the items you choose weigh 1.05kg, you'd better choose a few more items and make sure the total weight is under 1.49kg. Because you don't need to pay shipping fee for this extra weight.

3. If you spend an average of more than $200 per month in half a year, then we suggest you join the 8seasons club as a member. Pay only $249 (US $20.75/month) for full year or $139 (US $23.17/month) for half a year to enjoy a 30% shipping discount per order, with no other handling and packaging fees.

4. When you buy some products with a large volume weight, you can also buy some small jewelrys/jewelry accessories/metal products with a relatively high density, so that the probability of your package being oversized will be reduced, and you can save more shipping costs.

5. In order to meet the needs of customers for different delivery times and freight prices, 8seasons divides the logistics methods into four types: ①Pos Airmail(for small parcels)②Dedicated lines ③Overseas warehouses ④Commercial express. The advantages and disadvantages of the four types of methods are compared as follows for your reference:

TypesExample of Shipping MethodAdvantagesLimitations
Pos Airmail Pos airmail

① When the package weight is less than 2kg, the shipping fee is lower

② Can ship some products that are restricted by express

③ Rarely encountered customs clearance problems

① Usually delivered by the post office in the country where the customer is located

② Transportation time is about 2-4 weeks

③ The general weight limit is 2kg, if it is higher than 2kg, it needs to be sub-packaged

Dedicated Line CNE Economic Express

① The speed is faster than the Pos Airmail, usually about 1-2 weeks

② High cost performance, the main choice of customers

③ The logistics information is updated in a timely manner

① There are weight limits ranging from 5,10,15,30kg depending on the destination country and logistics carrier

② The speed is slower than the express

③ Cannot transport restricted products (such as liquids, sharp objects, etc.)

Local Warehouse USPS(Ship from USA),
Ship From UK(Delivery By Royal mail),
Ship From UK (Delivery By Yodel),
Ship From Germany,
Ship from France

① Local warehouse delivery, faster

② High cost performance, it is the first choice of many British and American customers

③ Low packet loss rate

④ No customs clearance problem

① Cannot transport restricted products (such as liquids, sharp objects, etc.)

Commercial Express Fedex,DHL,UPS

① The fastest

② Safe, usually with a receipt certificate, low packet loss rate

③ Logistics tracking information is updated in a timely and detailed manner

④ When the weight of the package is large, such as more than 21kg, the shipping fee is low

⑤ No weight limit

① Cannot transport restricted products (such as liquids, sharp objects, etc.)

② When the package weight is small, the shipping fee is high

In addition, if your package weighs more than 100kg, for example, and you want the package to be shipped by sea or truck, please contact our customer service by email, and we will also provide you with a reasonable freight quotation. Any other questions about shipping can also contact us.

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