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Q: What's the difference between Backorder and Preorder ?
Q: If my order contains some out-of-stock items, what are you going to do?
Q: If what I want is not in your product lists, can I ask you to find or produce them for me?
Q: Why do your gold tone items look like tarnished?
Q: Do your products have stock on hand? When will you arrange the shipment after I placed orders?
Q: Why does the color of the products ordered from you differ from the images showing on your website a little sometimes?
Q: Why does the price of some items differ from that several days before when I added them to my shopping cart?
Q: What is the meaning of the price range given in the table?
Q: Why does the price of the same series products vary from color?
Q: What's the conversion between Gauge, Inches and Millimeters?
Q: Are all your products safe guaranteed?
Q: Do you offer free samples?