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Keychain & Keyring Cat Animal Silver Tone 88mm x 32mm, 2 PCs

UAH 39.15 per pack
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UAH 60.22
UAH 48.78
UAH 42.16
UAH 39.15

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Part No.: B0106990
Color: Silver Tone
Material: Zinc Based Alloy & Iron Based Alloy(Lead & Nickel Safe)
Size: 8.8cm x3.2cm(3 4/8" x1 2/8")

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Product Weight: 44 g


Zinc Based Alloy & Iron Based Alloy(Lead & Nickel Safe)  


Approx:8.8cm x3.2cm(3 4/8" x1 2/8")
Hole size: 26mm(1") Thickness: 2.4mm( 1/8")
conversion : 1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inch


 Silver Tone  


 2PCs per pack

Part No.



Key Ring Size: 3.2cm Dia.(1 2/8");Cat: 5.4cm x3cm(2 1/8" x1 1/8").

Service Information.

Attribute name Attribute value
Quantity 2 PCs/Pack
Width 32mm
Usage Keychain & Keyring
Shape Cat Animal
Metal Color Silver Tone
Length 88mm


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