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Real Dried Flower Resin Jewelry Craft Filling Material At Random Color 17cm x 12cm, 1 Box

NZD 3.00 per pack
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
NZD 4.62
NZD 3.74
NZD 3.23
NZD 3.00
Part No.: B660048
Color: At Random
Material: Real Dried Flower
Size: 17x12cm;Thickness:3.5cm;

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Product Weight: 30 g
Volume Weight: 210.6 g
These items are mixed at random, so the pattern,shape and the color of the products you received may be not exactly same as pictures show.
Attribute name Attribute value
Quantity 1 Box/Pack
Material Real Dried Flower
Length 17cm
Width 12cm
Color At Random Color
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