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For the correct size of your European Jewelry bracelet selection, please be sure to measure your wrist and add at least 2.5cm for the space occupied by European Jewelry charms. You can also choose as your desire for a tight or loose fit.
Here is our collection of 3 types European Jewelry bracelet come in different sizes and materials.

Type1:European Jewelry clasp

Gold Tone/ Silver Tone/ Silver Plated European Jewelry bracelet with European Jewelry clasp and divided by threaded points into three sections. This unique design can keep your European Jewelry beads&Supplies in their place.
Different lengths of 16cm snake chains bracelet, 18cm snake chains bracelet, 19cm snake chains bracelet, 20cm snake chains bracelet, and 21cm snake chains bracelet are available. And welcome your customized size.

Type2: Magnetic clasp

A bead clasp design as the European Jewelry clasp which make a complete look of your European Jewelry bracelet. The special of this European bracelet style is the introduction of magnetic clasp.
The length of 15cm snake chains bracelet, 18cm snake chains bracelet, 19cm snake chains bracelet, 20cm snake chains bracelet for your selection

Type3: Lobster clasp

This is a new style of European Jewelry bracelet with lobster clasp which can make your projects design easily and securely. There is no threaded point on the chain, but you can also slip your European Jewelry charms or beads as you desired.

Additional Product Information:
Please take into account the thickness of the threaded section when you design your bracelet/necklace

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