How to buy delisted products:

As we are currently adjusting our product operations, some 'inactive' products might be delisted from our website.

If you still need to purchase, please submit your relist request or contact us via email, we may consider relisting it, and then you can purchase according to the minimum order quantity.

Please contact us with any questions.

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  1. We recommend placing separate orders for products that are shipped to FBA and those that do not need to be shipped to FBA.
  2. For orders shipped to FBA, Please choose the FBA address when place your order.
  3. Provide the necessary FBA related information: Item Label, Box Label, Packing Slip etc. (please provide a copyable barcode text).
  4. We will charge the labor cost for labeling: $0.05 /package.
  5. You can buy products on our website and send them directly to FBA. If you need to repack, we will charge extra packing fee : Packing Services (You can choose packing service when placing an order).
  6. Please contact us to provide relevant FBA information after placing the order.
  7. We will do our best for you any request.
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